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Document Storage & Shredding

Paper Document Storage

More than 70% of all business documents are paper based. That means a secure and accessible environment must be provided to companies and business owners who are making the transition from paper based to digital media based documents and records.

Apple Valley Document and Media Storage uses a sophisticated barcode-based media management system to manage, store and track all materials entrusted to us by our clients.

A “chain of custody” is important to the maintenance and storage of paper documents as a record of proper care and management of the back up data must be able to be proven if the information is needed to support litigation.

Our document and media storage system also allows our customers to be able to access their “Onsite” and “Offsite” documents at any time via computer from their office.

An automated tape rotation schedule is in place which makes it easy for clients to know which tapes or documents are due to be used for backups and which are to be returned for pickup or delivery.

Paper Document Shredding & Destruction

One of the best ways to protect the integrity of your paper documents, once they’ve been transferred to digital media or have exceeded their necessary life-span, is to have them properly shredded and destroyed.

Apple Valley Document and Media Storage provides you with one of the most powerful, state-of-the-art, document shredders in the industry.

This industrial quality Shredder Baler is designed to fill the needs of any business or company who needs secure document destruction.

Once the documents are shredded, they are automatically baled, shrink wrapped and wait in plasticine silence for their final journey into a recycled oblivion, from whence no document returns. Upon completion of shredding, a Certificate of Destruction will be provided.

Our paper and document shredding service is open to all companies and businesses, large and small.

Whether you have 1 box or 1,000 boxes of documents to be destroyed, we’ll be happy to serve you! Over the years we’ve helped hospitals, government facilities, schools, corporations, small businesses and homeowners safely and securely destroy and recycle their out-of-date paper documents.

Using our shredding service is very easy! You can drive your car or truck into our facility and our team of professionals will help you off load your documents and secure them for destruction.