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Data & Media Storage

Apple Valley Document and Media Storage offers The ONLY Firelock ® Data Storage Vault of it’s kind in San Bernardino County!

No other storage facility in Southern California can offer this high level of media storage and security!

Now you can enjoy the Easy and Smart way to become compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, the HITECH Act and Federal Laws including Rule 26 in the “New Federal Rules for Civil Procedure”.

Protect Your Data Files – Protect Yourself and Your Company!

Our new media storage vault is fireproof, earthquake proof, climate controlled and capable of protecting all forms of your digital back up data.

The Firelock ® vault in our Apple Valley facility, has the highest rated fire protection and storage facility rating available in the world!

Digital Data and System Protection is now one of the most important aspects of your business. Regardless of what your business is; retail, wholesale, corporate, education, medical care, legal, financial or manufacturing, you must now comply with the new Federal Rules to protect the integrity of ALL your documents, both paper and digital.

Recent Federal laws impose severe civil fines and criminal penalties and up to 10 years in prison on CEO’s, CFO’s, Business Owners and Principals who allow the digital data and informational assets of their company or organization to be lost or destroyed For Any Reason.

Our Media Storage Vault can help save you thousands of dollars and provide you with the peace of mind you need to continue to effectively protect and run your business.

If not stored in a secure, climate controlled environment, digital data can be destroyed simply by changes in temperature or humidity, dust particles, magnetic fields and UV Light. CD-ROMS, Tape Backups and Portable Hard Drives have a life span of only 5 to 8 years if they’re not properly stored. THIS TIME FRAME DOES NOT MEET THE RECENT FEDERAL STANDARDS FOR RECORD KEEPING!

If you do not protect your digital data, you run the risk of heavy fines and imprisonment.

Apple Valley Transfer and Storage Inc. Document and Media Storage will not only protect your company but may also be the means of saving you Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Fines and protect you from spending several years in prison!

The Firelock Media Storage Vault provides a class 125 Three-Hour Rating to withstand an external fire or heat exposure of up to 2,000 degrees F. The Vault is also waterproof, protected from magnetic fields, toxic fumes and vapors. Unlike concrete vaults which, when subjected to fire, will release moisture which will destroy documents and files.

Our Media Vault is insulated with Ceramic Fibers which will not release moisture in the event of a fire. Your valuables including; media files, precious artwork and musical instruments are preserved and protected from heat, moisture, air, light, magnetic fields and dust.

Most recent statistics show that 71% of businesses who lose digital data or their data processing facility due to fire or disaster, NEVER recover from the loss and most will go out of business within 3 years.

It just makes good common and financial sense to take the steps necessary to ensure your company or business is totally and completely protected from disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, theft and non-legal compliant issues.

Take the first step today to ensure the safety and security of your digital media records, your business and your family!

  • Protect Fragile Digital Data
  • Peace of Mind
  • Save & Protect Your Business